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Destination Weddings Heliotopos Santorini Greece

Exchange wedding vows in a truly memorable exotic setting, this is Destination Wedding.

Weddings are special and more couples want to create a “unique and exotic” experience with something extra special added. Aegean Dreams Wedding team will make your wedding day the best day of your life.

When both your Wedding Ceremonies and your Honeymoon are combined at your dream location, you can create what will be very fond memories of a truly extraordinary day. If you are planning a European vacation, or a trip to the beautiful Mediterranean region like blue & white Santorini of Greece for the anniversary of your wedding, you can add a Vow Renewal or Symbolic wedding, to include some romance and make the trip even more special.

Destination Weddings Church Santorini Greece
You may think that having your wedding ceremony in some exotic locale would be beyond your budget, but think again. We can make it work. We have an extensive network of business associates with vast expertise, and we can tailor any event to your unique needs. Destination Wedding can be the exciting alternative that provides the special ingredients to what would otherwise be a mundane, conventional wedding routine.

We realize that there may be different requirements for your Wedding ceremony. Some couples prefer the intimate setting without the involvement of others, while others are inclined to have a more lavish Wedding Ceremony celebration that includes more family and friends. With our “one-stop” wedding planning facilities, we can help you plan the ideal experience, that special day destined to become a life-long memory. Our wedding planners have a great deal of experience, and our on-site coordinators are there to ensure that everything is properly handled and managed.

We have three different types of wedding ceremonies. Choose one that suites you best.

Civil Wedding

civil wedding aegean dreams greece santorini

Civil Wedding is a legal wedding that can be performed anywhere, and it is usually officiated by a member of the local authorities. The ceremony can be held in almost any place: a hotel terrace, at a picturesque chapel, at the local Registrar of Marriage, or at the beach. The authorities issue a legal marriage certificate, written in the local language.

Overseas legal marriage requires a lot of paperwork and involves complex processes. Each country has specific requirements. These documents should be translated and endorsed to the native language when it is necessary. For most couples, the process of preparing the paperwork alone can by itself be arduous. Appointing an experienced wedding planner to help with all the necessary planning and paperwork is highly recommended.

We are experts at dealing with the various local authorities and bureaucracy, and we have the knowledge needed to help with the preparation of all the required documents. Let us handle all the paperwork, while you can relax and concentrate on enjoying your special day!

Symbolic Wedding

Destination Weddings Heliotopos Santorini Greece

Symbolic Wedding is similar to the Civil Wedding with the exception that there is no legal requirement for paperwork. It can also take place anywhere. The wedding ceremony for a Symbolic Wedding can be similar to a Civil Wedding ceremony, so you miss nothing. You are issued a commemorative certificate when the ceremony is complete.

With the preparation involved, including the additional expenses for documentation and dealing with the bureaucracy, you may find that the Civil Wedding is too burdensome, or requires too much effort on your behalf. In this case, the Symbolic Wedding may be the better option. You can register your marriage at home but still enjoy the experience of a romantic destination wedding without worrying any legal issues or any additional costs.

Vow Renewal

aegean dreams weddings vow renewal greece santorini

Renewing vows can be a great way for married couples to relive the original wedding event, while renewing their commitment to each other. If your wedding anniversary is approaching and you are considering a special event to celebrate that occasion, a vow renewal can be a simple, yet elegant and extremely romantic affair to commemorate the commitments that were made. Vow renewals can be life-changing experiences. They can recharge relationships, and bring new meaning to the rest of a couple’s life together.

There is no special time or place needed for a Vow Renewal Ceremony. The event can be a simple intimate affair, or your family, friends and loved ones can be included, to commemorate your special moment. No documentation is required for a vow renewal ceremony, and, it can be organized within a very short lead-time. Your ceremony may even be a spur of the moment, last-minute activity.

We are more than happy to show you how to turn your vacation into a romantic and lasting memory.

Contact us today to find out how we can fulfil your wedding dreams.

Santorini Wedding Venues
Wedding Venues in Santorini Greece
  • Variety to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences
  • We will have one that suits you!!

Wedding packages designed FOR YOU:

Aspro Santorini Wedding by Aegean Dreams
Aspro Santorini Wedding – Just for two
  • The essentials for a classic wedding ceremony
  • Professional photo coverage
  • Professional video coverage
Civil Wedding Santorini by Aegean Dreams
Civil Wedding Santorini (*EXCLUSIVE*)
  • Civil wedding consultation & planning services
  • Legal paper & document handling
  • Authorized translation of documents


Wedding with Honeymoon packages:

As your private planner, we aim to offer you a one-stop service for your entire land tour trip & wedding in Greece. Leave all the wedding and travel itinerary planning & booking to us, just relax and enjoy your dream wedding & honeymoon moments in Greece! Here are a few of our most popular wedding with honeymoon packages:

7 Days Santorini Wedding & Honeymoon by Aegean Dreams
7 Days Honeymoon with Santorini Wedding (*BEST SELLER*)
  • Honeymoon in Athens, Santorini
  • Wedding in Santorini
10 Days Santorini Wedding & Honeymoon by Aegean Dreams
10 Days Honeymoon with Santorini Wedding (*EXCLUSIVE*)
  • Honeymoon in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini
  • Wedding in Santorini


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