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Na & Shu

Na and Shu Greece honeymoon, pre wedding photo and Santorini Wedding in Greece by Aegean Dreams

  [Translated] First of all thank you (Aegean Dreams) for the painstaking arrangement, it makes our trip hassle-free and fulfilling. The itinerary was well arranged, from Athens to Mykonos to Santorini and the journey back, service were top grade at every hotel. The hotel staff are warm […]

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Safura & Hafizah

Safura and Hafizah travel in Greece, Athens, Mykonos and Santorini by Aegean Dreams

  It was indeed a good choice engaging Aegean Dreams services for our trip to Greece. We were very impressed by the promptness of the reply to accede to any of our requests pre trip and during the trip itself. They even went the extra mile to […]

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Wenjing & Yu

Style 1

  [Translated] We couldn’t believe our eyes when we arrived at the hotels that Aegean Dreams have arranged. The hotels were beautiful and fairy-tale settings took our breath away. The planning by Aegean Dreams is perfect and every arrangement are put together seamlessly. Not to forget the […]

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Kien Seang & Ke Shin

Kien Seang and Ke Shin Greece honeymoon and Santorini Pre-wedding Photo shoot in Greece by Aegean Dreams

  Thank aegean dream because help us to realize our dream to Greece. My wife and I had a very pleasant day at Greece especially at Santorini. The scenery there was breathtaking. You cant imagine how beautiful was there unless you have been there.. Aegean Dreams made […]

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Yin & Cheng

Yin and Cheng Greece honeymoon and Santorini Wedding in Greece by Aegean Dreams and heliotopos

  [Translated] Aegean Dreams came highly recommended to us and we chose to have them plan our romantic trip to Greece. Everything went on very well at the onset and we are impressed with their efficiency. The hotels and its friendly staff left us with very pleasant […]

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Jasmine & Chun Ti

Jasmine and Chun Ti Greece vacation and leisure travel in Folegandros, Mykonos and Santorini by Aegean Dreams Weddings & Travel Planner

  We really liked Folegandros. For me, our hotel at folegandros is one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Very memorable. Thanks for recommending this place! The room with the view of the Aegean Sea was the most amazing and hosts very warm and helpful. […]

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Yin & Cheng Greece Honeymoon with Santorini Wedding

Yin and Cheng Greece honeymoon and Santorini Wedding in Greece by Aegean Dreams and heliotopos

Couple: Cheng & Yinyin Travel Period: Spring, May 2014 Program: 12 Days 11 Nights Aegean Grandeur with Symbolic Wedding Ceremony & Pre-wedding Photography This Spring marked the special occasion of the couple, Yin and Cheng. A vacation, pre-wedding travel or a honeymoon it maybe, it is their […]

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Yanchen & Yujie

Yujie and Yanchen Greece honeymoon and Santorini Pre-wedding Photo shoot in Greece by Aegean Dreams

  [Translated] Thank you Aegean Dreams for the attentive service and getting everything organized perfectly. The ground transport is punctual and welcoming. We would have like the accommodation to have a little more space in Athens and could help with spending more time in Athens. The sunset […]

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Vivi & Weiwen Romantic Greece Travel with Santorini Wedding & Photography Tour (Part 2)

2013-10-04    0473

Couple: Weiwen & Vivi Travel Period: Autumn, October 2013 Program: 10 Days 9 Nights Aegean Splendor with Symbolic Wedding Ceremony & Pre-wedding Photography A simple yet elegant and romantic wedding in Santorini follows by a photography tour around this most spectacular Greek island; this must be the […]

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Romantic vacation of Tei Seng & Meiling

10 Days 9 nights Aegean Splendor Greece Mykonos Santorini Travel Tour

Guests: Tei Seng & Meiling from Malaysia When: Sep 2013, Autumn Travel Program: 10 days 9 nights Aegean Splendor (10天希腊爱琴海旅游) Destination: Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini (雅典/米科诺斯/圣托里尼) 十年结婚周年庆,决定再次渡蜜月。我们在众多的欧洲国家里选择了希腊;一个充满神话与浪漫的地方。倒是听了很多关于它的美,但是没去过就真没法真正体验到。这次是自助旅行,但是因为没时间规划行程和安排住宿交通,也怕语言不通,加上地方不熟,所以我们找到了 Aegean Dreams 帮忙。虽然网络很方便,但是对于希腊的旅游资讯,却是众说纷纭,各有个的说法。所以这次希腊之旅,还真得谢谢 Aegean Dreams 的行程规划和住宿交通等事的安排,为我们省了很多麻烦。 从新加坡飞到雅典,因为旅游经费有限我们选择搭乘 Qatar Airways, 中途在 DOHA 转机,还好在那里有休息的地方,万一睡着了服务员还蛮贴心叫醒你呢! 雅典 Athens 到了雅典已经是旁晚 6 点了。 Aegean Dreams 帮我们安排了车子接应我们并把我们送往酒店。酒店位置就在热闹的 […]

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  • Albert & Jessie
    Albert & Jessie
      Thanks, Joycelyn. We enjoyed the trip. Excellent choices of hotels and local travel operators. From Albert & Jessie Program: 10 Days Honeymooner Special – Greece Romantic Vacation...
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  • Daryl & Cheryl
    Daryl & Cheryl
      Our overall experience with Aegean Dreams has been excellent and would definitely recommend to my family and friends. Amazing and I will love to visit Greece again! From Daryl...
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  • Philip & Cecilia
    Philip & Cecilia
      Morning ferry port was (on) strike & no ferry. Lucky to have Aegean Dreams to help us to Mykonos. Would like to thank them! From Philip & Cecilia Program:...
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  • Zulkifli & Marsina
    Zulkifli & Marsina
      Joycelyn & Smong have been very accommodating to us for our first leg of our trip to Greece! They provided us with remote assistance from Singapore to ensure that...
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