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Francis & Chubby


Dear Joycelyn, good evening from Hong Kong. I love love love the video sooooooo much. It recorded all the beautiful moments. I wanna cry when I watched it, very touching. And the wedding gown is really beautiful especially in the video, fly in the wind. Thank you so much for arranging a very professional videographer for us. Please send our big appreciation to him if possible. Can’t wait to go Santorini again when I saw the beautiful video.

I felt really satisfied with the make up artist and the photographer. They were nice and very helpful. And they made me much more beautiful than i was. Hahahahaha:) And you really made my dream come true. Wedding in aegean sea, when I arrived the venue, I loved it and I felt so blessed that you recommended for us. I loved the view, the home like feeling and the people there. You cant imagine, I feel so beloved when I think of the time in Greece and when I saw the photos. It mean a lot to us in a lifetime. Thats why I really appreciate a lot for your help, your work is meaningful, because you guys make dreams come true. Greece is really romantic and we can only feel how beautiful it is when we are really there. And I wanna say, I fell in love with aegean sea and santorini when I saw one TV show many years ago. Hahaha:) And its really my pleasure to make friends with you and Smong, people with dreams.

I will return to Santorini one day certainly. Its a beautiful and memorable place for me. Will be great if we can meet there again in the future:)

From Francis & Chubby

Program: Aspro Santorini Wedding

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