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Greece Covid-19 Travel Update

Greece Covid-19 Travel Update

“Your Safety Matters”   (Last updated 1 April 2022 – Greece Covid-19 Travel Update) Singapore launches Vaccinated Travel Framework starting 31 March 2022. Vaccinated travellers can enter Singapore without the need to serve Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) or on-arrival tests. A valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate is mandatory for entry […]

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Romantic Honeymoon Vacation in Greece with Photoshoot in Santorini


You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint the paradise, then in you go. Santorini has always been on the bucket’s list of everybody, especially for couples looking for a romantic Greek island to savor their honeymoon. Located at the southern Aegean sea, the history […]

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Kassie + Wenjing family trip and Santorini wedding

Kassie + Wenjing family trip and Santorini wedding

  Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. A magical family vacation to Greece, the cradle of European civilization and the birth place of democracy. Both families of Wen Jing and Kassie are from Muar, Malaysia. Making their special trip to Athens […]

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Pre wedding Engagement Shoot

Laura + Vicent Santorini Pre wedding and Engagement Shoot

  I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes. Our team was honored to do a prewedding engagement shoot last Autumn in Santorini Greece for Vicent and Laura from Taiwan. The shy couple was spoiled for choices as Greece […]

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Elopement Wedding in Santorini

Alva + SY Elopement Santorini Wedding

  At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. – Plato   Our beautiful Chinese bride Alva reach out to us a few weeks before their planned holidays to Greece and Italy. By traditions Chinese will have the customary wedding ceremony in the day followed by […]

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Private Tour on Greek Islands – Mykonos

mykonos greek islands private tour guide

  Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta Mykonos – Island of winds Mykonos, often called the island of winds, is a Greek island and important member of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The island […]

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The Making of a Wedding in Greece

blog 1509-1

    The sweetest thing of being a wedding planner is to help couples fulfill their dreams and making new friends   Why Santorini? Greece has an extremely large number of islands, claiming close to 6000 islands in which about 227 are inhibited. Generally these inhibited islands are […]

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Ken + Gina Surprise Proposal in Santorini

Aegean Dreams Surprise Wedding Proposal Santorini Greece

  Surprise Proposal in Santorini Ken and Gina are a young couple from Singapore whose romantic holiday in Greece was undertaken by our travel boutique. Ken is candid and unpretentious, someone we felt instantly comfortable to engage in good conversation. While we were running through the travel […]

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Ming + Tong ‘s Wedding in Greek Island

Santorini Pre-Wedding Photography by Aegean Dreams

Couple: Ming + Tong Travel Period: September 2015 Occasion:5 Days Santorini Escapade with Santorini Wedding   Ble Santorini Wedding – A Match Made in Heaven Ble (Greek: μπλε) which means blue signifies the color of this gorgeous Santorini island and the waters of the Aegean sea. Along […]

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Meiyen & Family Leisure Travel

Meiyen group travel Greece holiday vacation mykonos Santorini

Meiyen & family leisure vacation Travel Period: October 2015 Travel Program:10 Days Aegean Splendor with Mykonos and Santorini   雅典 由于对希腊这个遥远的国度太过陌生又担心语言不通,所以我们果断选择了旅游策单位 Aegean Dreams 为我们策划了这次的半自助行旅游并安排好住宿,接送,交通,导览游等等,让我们可以在丝毫没有压力的情况下尽情享受这次向往已久的一次远行。来到地球的另一半著名的西方城市雅典,感觉非常的不一样,这里到处都是历史古迹,有些保存的很好,有些却只剩残岩断瓦或几根历经千年风霜仍屹立不倒的柱子。尽管如此当你站在这里看着这一切,时光好像回到当时那个雄伟辉煌的古希腊时代,完全可以感受到当时古希腊文明那种庄严神圣的典雅气派。落脚的酒店非常临近宪法广场Syntagma,优越的地点让我们游玩这个城市感觉非常得心应手,基本上步行就可以不需要担心如何乘搭公共交通工具。比较著名的名胜古迹主要都聚集在市中心附近,例如卫城,巴特农神殿,宙斯神庙,Plaka 普拉卡旧城区,Monastiraki 蒙纳斯提拉奇跳蚤集市, Herodes Atticus 阿迪库斯露天剧场等等。   AegeanDreams专程安排的私人包车游来到雅典Saronic南岸的 Cape Sounion 观赏日落,除此以外这里的另一个主角是曾经宏伟一时并有着一段凄美神话故事的 Poseidon 海神庙,整个日程让我们有机会感受到不一样的雅典,当太阳缓缓从地平线消失的那一刻,不禁感概夕阳无限好只是近黄昏。   米克诺斯岛   穿越爱琴海来到了希腊岛屿第一站 Mykonos,下船后眼前的景色真的让人叹为观止,呈现在面前的这一切根本没有办法用字句去形容。无论怎么尝试去捕捉米岛的美丽,始终还是没有办法把它完整的记录下来,这才真正明白什么叫惊艳得让人不能言语。在米岛上迷路是家常便饭,特别是Chora小镇里还有偏远的海滩根本没有路名或指示牌,就算你去问路,当地人也有可能不知如何详细解说。我们抱着既来之则安之的态度在小巷里来回穿梭,即使迷路了还是勇敢继续探索,终究还是可以到达我们要去的地方。因为迷路也才能遇到小惊喜,大伙正在愁着找出路的时候竟恰逢当地希腊人在举办婚礼,决定放慢脚步随大队玩着乐器开开心心的步行到教堂去。   圣托里尼岛   和 Mykonos 相比,我们的下一站 […]

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  • Mary and group
    Mary and group
      With much heart-ache, we regret to inform that we have decided to cancel the tour, in view of all the (Covid) uncertainty. We also like to thank you for...
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  • Albert & Jessie
    Albert & Jessie
      Thanks, Joycelyn. We enjoyed the trip. Excellent choices of hotels and local travel operators. From Albert & Jessie Program: 10 Days Honeymooner Special – Greece Romantic Vacation...
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  • Daryl & Cheryl
    Daryl & Cheryl
      Our overall experience with Aegean Dreams has been excellent and would definitely recommend to my family and friends. Amazing and I will love to visit Greece again! From Daryl...
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  • Philip & Cecilia
    Philip & Cecilia
      Morning ferry port was (on) strike & no ferry. Lucky to have Aegean Dreams to help us to Mykonos. Would like to thank them! From Philip & Cecilia Program:...
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